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students workingOur classes are a great way to explore your creative side and have a good time. We invite you to join us for the fun! Call today to enroll: 406-543-0509

The tuition cost of all classes at the Clay Studio of Missoula includes:
a 25 lbs. bag of clay, use of studio facilities at all times (24/7--except the hours when other classes or special events are in session), and a personal storage cubby. Firing fees and extra clay cost an additional, nominal fee (unless otherwise noted).

Note: Students must provide a non-refundable, half-tuition down payment to reserve their spot in a class. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AFTER THE FIRST CLASS!






Classes offered this session: Beginning Pottery, Open Instructed, Raku, Intermediate/Advanced Ceramics, Woodfire, Soda Fire

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Beginning Pottery

This class is suitable for first-time students with no previous experience in ceramics, as well as for returning introductory level students.

Monday nights: January 12-March 16, 6-9pm
Instructor: Koral Halperin, artist-in-residence


Wednesday nights: January 14-March 18, 6-9pm (ALMOST FULL! only 1 spot left)
Instructor: Joshua Kuensting, artist-in-residence

10-week session
$205 for members/$215 for non-members

Students will learn about clay bodies, wheel- throwing and hand building techniques, as well as processes for glazing and firing. Participants will practice making a variety of functional ceramic forms and be given demonstrations on the creation of cups, handled mugs, bowls, vases, and plates.

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Beginning Pottery

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Open Instruction - Daytime 5 Week Session

This class is open to pottery and hand building students of all skill levels.

Monday afternoons: January 12-February 9, 1-4pm
Instructor: TBA

$105 for members/ $110 for non-members

Bring your ideas to create your own projects. Weekly demonstrations by our talented artists-in-residence will include new ideas and techniques, as well as demos designed to suit the needs of students enrolled.

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Open Instructed - 5 weeks

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Raku - 5 Week Session

This class is open to students of all skill levels.

Monday afternoons: February 16-March 16, 1-4pm
Instructor: Orville Chigbrow

$135 for members /$140 for non-members
(price includes $30 lab fee for firing during class meeting times)

Students will have the chance to work on their ceramic works independently in and outside of class and learn how to make forms that work effectively with raku, horsehair, and other firing methods. The first class will involve an introduction to making works specifically for the raku kiln, which will be continued to be made and fired during the following sessions as work is completed and bisqued!

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Raku - 5 weeks

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Intermediate/Advanced Ceramics

Prior experience with ceramics is helpful

Tuesday nights: January 13-March 17, 6-9pm
Instructor: Chad Steve, Artist in Residence

10-week session
$205 for members/ $215 for non-members

Are you looking to explore more advanced forms beyond the basic cup or bowl? This class is for students wanting to further their wheel throwing skills, using the pottery wheel as a tool to make unique functional and sculptural forms, as well as gain greater confidence with handbuilding techniques and learn mold-making basics.

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Int/Adv Ceramics

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Winter Woodfire

Prior experience with ceramics is helpful

Thursday nights: January 15-March 19, 6-9pm
Instructor: Casey Zablocki, woodfire artist-in-residence

10-week session
$285 for members /$295 for non-members
(price includes $80 lab fee for materials and initial firing in each kiln)

Students will explore ideas and possibilities for wheel thrown forms and sculptures that will be fired in the wood kiln. Demonstrations and lectures on wood firing techniques will be given each class, allowing students plenty of time to concentrate on their own ideas. Students will be expected to spend some weekend time at the wood kiln helping to prepare for firings by splitting and stacking wood and assisting with overall kiln maintenance.

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Winter Woodfire

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Firing and Glazing for the Soda Kiln

Prior experience with ceramics highly recommended

Sunday afternoons: January 18-March 22, 1-4pm
Instructor: Joshua Kuensting, Artist in Residence

10-week session
$245 members/$255 non-members
(price includes $40 lab fee for all glazes and first class firing)

This class will discuss clays, slips, glazes formulated for the soda kiln, as well as firing strategy and equipment maintenance. Students will have the chance to work on their ceramic works independently in class. Proper kiln loading techniques will be part of the class time, and participation outside of class time for firings will be determined by the students and instructor.

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Soda Firing


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kids classOur classes provide a fun and educational environment where children can explore their creative interests in ceramics, focusing on self-expression through handbuilding techniques. Classes for older children include time on the wheel

Clay classes during the school year are 4 consecutive Thursdays of class that meet in the afternoon. Summer classes meet in the mornings for one week. Enrollment is limited to 10-12 students per session.

No prior ceramics experience is needed for these classes. Sign your child up today!

Winter Session Kids and Teen Classes

Handbuilding 101 (for ages 5-10yrs)
4 Thursdays - January 29-February 19, 3:30-5:30pm
$85 per student ($5 discount for members). Class fee includes materials and firings

Throwing 101/102 (for ages 11-18yrs)
4 Thursdays - February 26-March 19, 3:30-5:30pm

$100 per student ($5 discount for members). Class fee includes materials and firings

Explore the age-old process of spinning clay into vessels. Teens will learn the possibilities and limitations of this ancient ceramic skill! Returning students will be able to work on more advanced techniques

CALL 543-0509, email to register, or pay in full now online with Paypal!

Kids/Teen Classes
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Create something special at the Clay Studio of Missoula! Our new family workshops run Saturday or Sunday afternoons and are a perfect weekend activity for an adult and child to do together! We will fire and put a clear glaze on projects, which will be ready for pickup 2-3 weeks after your session


Saturday, February 7
Theme : We Heart Love
Make a little something for the ones you love. (Work will be fired in time for Valentine’s Day)!

Saturday, March 7
Theme: Get Ready for Spring!
Need some flower power? Create planters to start your spring seeds and bulbs.

Daily Fee: $35 total for Adult + 1 child. Includes clay, glazing, and firings.
Additional adults and children welcome per family for $15 per individual

CALL TODAY TO REGISTER!!! 406-543-0509 or email us


Contact Information

If you would like to enroll in a class, please contact the studio at 406-543-0509 or via email at, or register using the Paypal payment option. We genuinely appreciate your support!

Pre-registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A student will only be registered for a class upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit amounting to half of the class tuition, or by paying in full. If you wish to just make a deposit, this may be done in person or by phone. All online registrations can only be paid in full.

Class tuition covers instruction during scheduled meeting times, use of the studio, and your first 25 lbs. of clay. Students are charged an extra nominal fee for glazing and firing, and additional clay.

In the event that the Clay Studio is forced to cancel a class, a full refund will be issued. If a student chooses to cancel, refunds of the class tuition minus the 50% non-refundable deposit will be given up until the first class session (the deposit can be used towards a future class in this case). Tuition is due in full by the first class, and there is no refund given after the first class.

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Community Space Rental

Aspiring and advanced ceramicists seeking studio workspace are encouraged to become a Clay Studio of Missoula studio artist! A monthly rental fee provides studio artists with three 4' long shelves of storage space and use of community workspace, tools, and equipment. Additional costs apply for clay and firings. 

Monthly Rental Fee (effective July 2013): $95 (3 shelves) or $115 (5 shelves)

NEW: Semi-private spaces (limited availability)
Spaces are approximately 80 sq.ft. and include one shelving unit. For the primary renter the monthly rental rate is $250 month-to-month. The rate is $225/month with a minimum 6 month lease. A one year lease further reduces the monthly rate to $ 200/month.

One additional person, a secondary renter, may share the individual work space for an additional fee of $ 95 per month (which covers their basic monthly access).

Note: Studio artists renting community and semi-private space must possess a current Clay Studio of Missoula annual membership.
Find out more about membership here.