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Volunteer at the Clay Studio of Missoula

As a nonprofit, the Clay Studio needs the help of volunteers to take care of tasks our small staff can't tackle alone! The ceramics community is growing all the time, and helping our studio can keep it a functioning haven for the artists and students we support through our programs.

Our community is the fire at the heart of the Clay Studio of Missoula. Join in by becoming a volunteer today!


The Clay Studio depends on members of our community: students, studio artists, resident artists, and beyond to give us a hand to keep things running smoothly. There's lots of opportunities to help!

Here are some common tasks we need extra help with:

  • Preparing materials and activities for outreach events

  • Tabling at events or running a youth activity

  • Monitoring the classroom studio so students can have work time

  • Labelling batches of postcard mailers

  • First-Friday studio cleanup

  • Wrapping pottery during the Holiday Sale

  • Acting as an aide during big events like Potsketch and High Tea

  • Weeding the garden in the spring and summer

  • Snow removal and de-icing in the winter

  • Studio cleaning tasks between scheduled cleanups


Can't fit formal volunteering into your schedule? No worries! If you use the studio, you can be a volunteer without having to make any formal commitment. The easiest way to help out is to be proactive. Every small act makes a difference! Doing a little extra mopping when you clean up after a making session, asking an instructor if they need a hand glazing kid's class work when you aren't busy, or even just telling your friends about the Clay Studio. It all makes a difference and helps the community. If you want to help but don't know how, just ask the staff!

Thank You Volunteers!

We're incredibly grateful for our volunteers, their help keeps

the Clay Studio of Missoula running smoothly.

Check the Facebook group and your email regularly for

Volunteer opportunities and events!

Make sure to add to your contacts to prevent volunteer mailers from being sent to spam! Or email for more information about current volunteer needs.

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