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Family Clay Kits and Online Supplies Sales

Please Note: This post was originally published via email specifically for a designated pick-up date of Friday, March 27th. Future Clay Kit and Supplies sales are pending our ability to re-open at least to staff. Current stand-in-place protocol in effect in Montana at the time of this post requires the studio to remain closed and we will be unable to fulfill clay and supplies purchases until further notice. We are excited to offer these services again when it is again safe to do so. Thank you for your support!

Original Sales Update Notice:

Thursday, March 26th

Dear Missoula Clay Community,

The Clay Studio of Missoula is offering a special online purchase option for clay, tool kits, and (NEW!) Family Clay Kits.

Unfortunately, we are only able at this time to provide a pick-up option for these items FRIDAY ONLY from 1-5pm. That's March 27th from 1- 5pm. Once the stand-in-place order has passed, we will post a weekly schedule for clay, clay kits, and greenware/bisque drop-off and pick-up at the studio. We thank you for your ongoing support, and we do hope that this opportunity to purchase and pick up basic supplies helps everyone whether this storm with a little more joy. Here's more information!

Family Clay Kits! $30 These kits include a 25 lb block of earthenware clay and bisque firing for all work created with your clay purchase. You will also receive these downloadable pdfs via email to get you started on some at-home clay projects: 1. Clay Project Guide 2. At-Home Tool Guide 3. Safety Guide for At-Home Ceramics *** Limited Supplies! One Clay Kit Per Family! *** Supplies for Members and Students The Clay Studio of Missoula is now offering curbside pick-up for online clay purchases for members. This includes our earthenware and stoneware bodies. Unfortunately, we do not currently have enough clay in stock to offer the service for Chris' sculpture clay. The Clay Studio of Missoula has a limited supply of clay for members and students. Please limit purchases to four or less bags of clay. Please note: We will be staffing pick-up on Friday, March 27th for all clay and supplies purchased using best practices for social distancing and hygiene. We will be wearing disposable gloves and maintaining a 6-foot distance from other staff and guests. If there happens to be a line, please wait in your vehicle or at a distance until it's your turn! We will have your purchase ready for you in a box, ready to go.

Thank you from all of us at The Clay Studio of Missoula. We look forward to when we can again offer you the opportunity to experience clay in the future.

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