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Fire & Throw Workshop

Date: Saturday, October 28

Time: 12-2:30PM

Price: $80 for Nonmembers/ $75 for Members (use code MEMBER05 at checkout).

Instructor: Kayla Noble


Want to learn more about the ceramic process while you learn to throw, and have a piece you can take home with you right away? Our Fire & Throw Workshops give you a beginning throwing lesson while investigating the fun and unique traditional form of firing called Raku!


Normally, workshop students can't have a hand in the firing process, and miss the excitement of opening the kiln to transformed works of art. Raku is unique in that it is super fast, and puts the firing process on full, interactive display! Each student will get to pick out a pot thrown by a professional to be their keeper of the day. You'll learn how to glaze it properly, and experience the exciting process of pulling a red-hot pot from the Raku for a rapid cool that makes the unique surface effects this style is known for. While you're waiting for the kiln to heat up, you'll get a lesson in beginning throwing and a taste of pottery class without a long-term commitment. [Note: cylinders created during the throwing lesson will NOT be kept.]


This is the only ceramic workshop at the studio where you can take home a finished piece of art the day of the event. A perfect workshop for visitors to Missoula that is equally as fun and exciting for long-time residents.


*Note: taking this class requires signing a liability waiver for the inherent risk involved with the process. Raku is a traditional method that has been carried out safely for several hundred years, and it is unlikely injury will occur, but there are hazards every student must be aware of in order to participate in this workshop. Participants must sign a liability waiver at the beginning of the workshop, or they will not be allowed to participate.


Class space is limited to 8 students per session!

10/28 | Fire and Throw Workshop | Saturday Afternoon | 12 - 2:30PM

  • The traditional method of Raku requires one to be in proximity to a kiln at high temperature, which has potential to damage clothing. When in a raku workshop, please wear clothing made of cotton, wool, or even leather. Please do not wear synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Leather welding gloves and eye protection will be available for your use. If you'd prefer to have your own set of safety glasses or a personal pair of welding gloves you'd like to use, you're more than welcome to bring them, but are not required to.