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Skillbuilding Workshop: Underglaze Transfers

Saturday 12/16/23


Instructor: Tessa Hoenig

$40 per student


Transform your ceramic pieces with the Underglaze Transfers workshop with Tessa Hoenig. This Saturday evening workshop from 6-8PM will teach you how to use underglaze transfers to move images from paper to pottery. This technique also works on sculptures, making it a versatile skill to add to your repertoire. Underglaze transfers are great for adding textures, images, and text to your pieces, creating a unique and fun surface decoration. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your ceramic creations in a new way!


Works can typically be fired within a month of the workshop date, however many factors like slow drying time or staff illness can make firing time vary greatly. If you have not received an email in 6 weeks alerting you for pickup, you can check in on progress by emailing - please refrain from calling if possible; we have a small, busy staff and emails can be responded to quickly by any member of our team.


Class fee covers all material and firing fees to create 1-3 transfers on bisque tiles. Class is limited to 12 students maximum.

12/16 | Underglaze Transfers with Tessa Hoenig | Saturday Evening | 6-8PM

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