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Kids Workshop - Pinch Pot Animals

Saturday, December 16

1PM - 3PM

Y2 (Age 8-12)

@ The Clay Studio ANNEX, 1110 Hawthorne St, Unit C


Pinchpot Animals is a perfect opportunity for young artists to learn how to create their own animal sculptures. During the 2-hour session, the kids will be introduced to various clay techniques, including pinchpots, allowing them to explore their creativity and make a unique sculptural creature. This workshop promises to be fun and engaging, and it is suitable for kids between the ages of 8 and 12. The class is taught by a real professional clay artist, who will guide the kids throughout the process and help them bring their ideas to life.


Because this class is just a short single meeting, it is not intended for kids under 8 who may need closer instruction. For kids under 8, try enrolling together in our Friends and Family Workshops where a parent can give them a hand! Older children are welcome if interested in the subject and okay with hanging out with younger kids.


You will receive a bulletin at the provided email when your child's works are fired and ready to pick up. Works can typically be fired by about one month after the workshop date, however many factors like slow drying time or staff illness can make firing time vary greatly. If you have not received an email in 6 weeks alerting you for pickup, you can check in on progress by emailing


Class is limited to 10 students.

12/16 | Kids Workshop - PinchPot Animals | Age 8-12 | Saturday Afternoon | 1-3PM

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