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Skill Building Workshop: Decorating Techniques

Thursday, 12/7/23


Instructor: Krissy Ramirez

$40 per student


Join us for our upcoming 12/7 Decorating Techniques workshop, Thursday evening from 6-8PM. This class is perfect for adults who are looking to learn new ways to decorate their pottery or sculptures. We will cover various techniques such as carving, mishima, and stenciling to help you create unique surfaces that reflect your personal style. Our experienced instructor Krissy Ramirez will guide you through easy methods that will help you achieve stunning results. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your clay creations!


Works can typically be fired within a month of the workshop date, however many factors like slow drying time or staff illness can make firing time vary greatly. If you have not received an email in 6 weeks alerting you for pickup, you can check in on progress by emailing - please refrain from calling if possible; we have a small, busy staff and emails can be responded to quickly by any member of our team.


Class fee covers all materials necessary to learn the decorating methods, plus the firing of 1-2 practice tiles. Class is limited to 12 students max.

12/7 | Decorating Techniques with Krissy Ramirez | Thursday Evening | 6-8PM

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