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Friends and Family Workshop: Flower Pots

Sunday, March 3

10AM - 12PM

*All Ages (Special enrollment procedure, read below)

$30 per Person - Minimum of 2 people per party, at least one participating adult.


(More can be added before class date if space is available, use “additional person”)


LOCATED @ The Clay Studio Annex: 1110 Hawthorne St, Unit C



*Students 12 and under welcome, but must be accompanied and assisted by an enrolled, participating adult. All people present must be enrolled, see "Special Enrollment Policy." Use Initial Party of Two for you and your child/first guest. Others can be added with Additional Person.


This family-friendly clay class is great for spending time with your loved ones! Adults and kids alike will all make a fun project! Enrolled adults are asked to help the little ones they enroll with while they work on their own project. Everyone gets to learn and have fun, and this ensures there are enough hands that little ones also have a great time and don’t get lost or frustrated. It's fun for the whole family! In March, let's get ready to grow things! Make a flower pot of your own custom style to grow a plant indoors or out.


Are you joining a party that already registered, but paying separately? You can add yourself on as an "additional person," please state which party you are joining in the name/age field. A minor can be added this way as long as there is a participating adult enrolled in that party who consents to helping the young student with their project. If you need help with enrollment, please call the studio office at (406)543-0509.

Projects will be decorated with Stroke & Coat during the workshop session, and will be ready for pickup about a month after the session.
Participants will receive a pickup bulletin via their registration email when work is ready. If you have not received anything by 6 weeks after the workshop, you are welcome to check in via email at We will send you a status update as quickly as possible. Please refrain from calling the studio about pickup, if possible, email can be more quickly addressed by any member of our team once progress is checked. You can also check our studio blog (under the "more" tab on the website) to see a weekly report of what is ready to pick up!


Workshop space is limited to 12 total students! Minimum of 2 students per party, at least one enrolled participating adult.

3/3 | Friends and Family WS: Flower Pots | Sunday Morning | 10AM -12PM

  • Every person who wishes to attend a Friends and Family Workshop must pay for enrollment.

    Everyone who joins us for a Family and Friends workshop will have the opportunity to learn and create something. We ask that parents/guardians/mentors participate in the activity along with their child. If you are a trusted adult who absolutely does not want to create something yourself - just aide your child, you must still pay for your enrollment, as you are occupying a limited seat and will still be engaged and taught by the instructor.

    These workshops are intended as a creative bonding experience that all members of the party are asked to take part in. If you want to book an activity just for your children, try booking a private workshop - they make great activities and birthday parties. We also periodically offer kid-exclusive workshops and camps (usually during school breaks, like spring, summer, and holidays).

    If you cannot afford the initial party of 2 because of financial hardship, but want to take a workshop with your child, you may apply for a youth scholarship to cover the fee of a child under 18. Email for application materials. Applications must be submitted at least five business days before the workshop is to take place for processing.

    The only exception to this policy is infant children too young to participate in any way.

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