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Clay in the Classroom: Session 3 - Finishing Methods

Thursday, July 25, 2024


$35 per Student


Sessions take place in the Clay Studio ANNEX Space, located at 1110 Hawthorne St. Unit C, adjacent to our main building.


Clay in the Classroom is great for any clasroom educators who want to bring the engaging and educational fun of clay into their classroom. Whether you are an art educator looking to become more comfortable with using clay, or an elementary educator wanting to bring more educational art experiences into your classroom: these sessions are for you.


These five sessions are flexible in that you can take each session individually, or they are excellent taken together as a course. In these sessions we will learn different essential topics and methods for handling clay with young people. Clay is an excellent tool for incorporating art into your elementary classroom for an interdisciplinary learning experience.


In session 3, we will discuss special techniques and glaze surface types and how to use them with young students, as well as several variations on cold surfacing techniques which can be safe and convenient in a classroom setting, and ideal for sculpture and model building without requiring a second firing. This session is about finishing projects, and will not cover the basics on how to build projects will clay.


We recommend that students bring a way to take notes, though there will be scratch paper and pencils available.


The maximum enrollment for this class is 15 students.

7/25 | Clay in the Classroom | Session 3 - Finishing Methods | THU | 6-8PM

  • The Clay Studio of Missoula is an approved professional development unit provider with OPI. This session is worth 2 renewal units, for which you will receive a certificate at the end of the session.

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