Wood Fire Invitational Firing

Ideal for those with their own studio planning to produce work specifically for the firing– must have prior firing experience.


Kiln loading: May 30 & 31, week long firing to proceed immediately after

Firing Lead: Ben Blackwood, Wood Fire artist in residence


$115 for members / $125 for non-members

Fee does not include open studio access. Includes access to glazes and bisque 

MEMBERS: Add Coupon Code "Member10" to receive your $10 discount 


A unique experience to fire alongside a myriad of guest artists from around the state! Learn additional tips and techniques at the kiln site about wood firing from Ben and Wood Fire Invitaional Artists. Participants will be expected to take an active role in working kiln shifts during the Invitational Firing.



We ask that students comply with all of our health and safety guidelines. A student waiver will be issued during the first kiln meeting with the most up-to-date guidance.

Woodfire Invitational Firing