Clay and Supplies

The Clay Studio of Missoula is now offering pick-up and drop-off  appointments for a small selection of supplies as well as bisque firing services for Family Clay Kits.

Date Night Kits!

Special Offer

Special Offer

Ingredients for a romantic clay evening:  clay and glazes for two, plus two large and decadent cream puffs from Bernice’s Bakery! Use our project guide to make one of our two project options together.  Or wing it and create your own designs!


Available for Pre-Order Only:  Feb 1-10th

Available for pick-up Saturday, February 13th.  


Extended Gallery Hours Saturday, Feb 13th, 12-5pm.  Pick up your kit and shop our sales gallery for a gift to show someone you care.


Includes:  dessert treats for two, 6 lb red earthenware clay, color selection of Stroke ‘n Coat glazes, paintbrushes, our clay-at-home tool guide, and project instructions.  Firing is included!  

Cream puffs come individually packaged by Bernice’s Bakery. 


Bring your finished creations back to the studio to be fired into finished ceramics.  Turn-around is usually 3 weeks. We will contact you when your finished work is ready for pick-up.


Cream puffs contain wheat, dairy, eggs and chocolate.  Wheat-free and vegan options available.  Please indicate in the ‘notes’ section of your order if you need to replace one or both creampuffs with one of the following:  

wheat-free yellow cake cupcake

wheat-free vegan chocolate cupcake

Family Clay Kits!

These kits include a 25 lb block of earthenware clay and bisque firing for all work created with your clay purchase.  You will also receive a selection of glaze colors and brushes for application.

Orders made by 3pm on a weekday will be available for pick-up the following business day (M-F). Please stop by during our gallery hours, 12-5pm Monday - Friday, or make an appointment by calling or emailing the office at 406-543-0509 or

These downloadable pdfs will be emailed to get you started on some at-home clay projects.  

1.  Clay Project Guide

2.  At-Home Tool Guide

3.  Safety Guide for At-Home Ceramics

You can also find this information plus more fun projects on our Kids and Family Resources Page!

Supplies for Clay Studio Members and Students

In an effort to keep your hands in clay, The Clay Studio of Missoula is now offering pick-up for online clay purchases for current members.  

Orders made by 3pm on a weekday will be available for pick-up the following business day (M-F). Please stop by during our gallery hours, 12-5pm Monday - Friday, or make an appointment by calling or emailing the office at 406-543-0509 or

The Clay Studio of Missoula has a limited supply of clay for members and students.  Please limit purchases to four or less bags of clay.

Interested in a membership? More information here on our Membership Page

Classroom Clay Project Boxes

Simple, individually packaged clay projects that are meant to remain unfired.

These project boxes are great for classrooms, daycares, summer camps, and even parties!  

The projects are designed to be accessible to all experience levels and all ages.

$20 per box

Each box contains 24 individual project kits.

For very young students, assistance will be required with reading and following project directions.


Large print format instructions are available upon request.  Please indicate how many project kits will need large format text instructions when you request or purchase a Project Box.


Please order your Classroom Clay Project Box one week ahead of pick-up.  Schedule your pick-up appointment close to when you plan to use your project box- even though the clay is in plastic baggies, it does dry out over time.  It’s best fresh!


We offer these Classroom Clay Project Boxes as a donation to organizations without the funds necessary to purchase.  Please email your Classroom Clay Project Box donation request to  


Project Choices:


1.  The Chrysalis Project

Each individual project bag contains:  wet clay, instruction booklet

Project Description:  Find a special rock to draw a butterfly on.  Enclose your butterfly within a clay chrysalis.  Place your chrysalis outdoors where you can easily check on it.  Watch as the weather erodes your chrysalis until your butterfly emerges!

2.  Animal Totems

Each individual project bag contains:  dry Missoula valley clay, instruction booklet

Project Description:  Moisten your dry, Missoula clay by putting the clay into a small bowl and slowly add water with a spray bottle or by the spoonful.  Mix as you go with your fingers.  When the clay starts to stick together and clump, squish and kneed it until it turns into something you can model with.  Think of your favorite animal and make it out of your special Missoula clay.  Where do you think your animal would most like to live?  Find an environment in your yard or park.  Set your animal friend free!  When it dries, it will melt back into the earth where it came from and your animal friend will become part of its favorite environment.


3.  Sprouting Sculptures

Each individual project bag contains:  wet clay, rye seeds, instruction booklet

Project Description:  Pinch a pot, flatten and smash a cookie or two, or sculpt your favorite thing.  Press rye seeds into your clay creation where you want some green growing fluff to sprout!  Place carefully back into the plastic clay bag.  Seal it up and set your project somewhere safe.  If it starts to dry out, give it a spritz with a spray bottle.  Watch as the rye germinates and grows!

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