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Facility Tours

Visit the studio and see what we're all about!

A basic walking tour of the studio is free, and includes a stop in each area of the facility including the classroom, gallery, community studio, and more!

Tours must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks ahead of time. Availability varies based on studio events and staff availability.


All basic tours are free! Tours last approximately 30-45 minutes and can be tailored to fit specific age groups or areas of interest. Tours can be general and go over all aspects of the studio briefly, or be more specific with in-depth information about clay, firing practices, studio history, and/or resident and studio artists.


Add a wheel demonstration- $15 (A wheel demonstration adds approximately 30 minutes to the tour and must be arranged in advance.) Tour participants will get to observe a professional artist throw a pot on the wheel while they explain the process. Please note, tour participants will only observe the demonstration. To use a potter's wheel you must enroll in a class or workshop.

You can schedule a take-home raw clay project with your tour, great especially for kids. This adds 30 minutes to the tour. Price is $2 per participant. Sculptures are temporary, raw clay that is NOT fired.

Raw Clay Project Options:

1. Raw Clay Bird Feeders - Decorate a palm-sized sculpture with birdseed to help nurture the local bird species in your backyard!

2. Sprouting Sculptures - Decorate a sculpture with a no-till seed mix. Take them home and care for them until they sprout! Plants can be kept alive for a month or more if watered regularly.

Call the office at (406)543-0509, or email to schedule!
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