A silent, online and live auction fundraiser to help sustain the Clay Studio of Missoula’s facilities and programs. Potsketch features drawings generously donated from local, national, and international  artists, centerpieces by regional artists, and a live auction of incredible ceramic art works.

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A fundraiser to help sustain the Clay Studio of Missoula’s facilities and programs. Potsketch features drawings generously donated from local, national, and international artists, and an assortment of incredible ceramic art works.


Direct link to Auction site hosted by GiveSmart : https://potsketch.givesmart.com


Bidding will open May 14 and continue through May 23


all bidding will close Saturday, May 23 at 8pm MDT

Bidding for all Potsketches begins at $50 

Bidding for formally "Live", now "Super Silent" Ceramic Works to begin at half estimated retail value

Bidding may be done from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Registration will be open prior to the event. There is no fee to register.

If you need assistance with registering please contact us!


Celebratory Cocktail Hour: Saturday, May 23, 5-6pm
Dress up and hold your own Zoom or Google Hangout Cocktail Event with friends prior to our live feed of our Auction Closing Event!


Live Virtual Closing Event: Saturday, May 23, 6pm


We would like to take the opportunity to engage with everyone near and far since we are missing out on our amazing live event this year! Our virtual event will be approximately one hour long, and include welcoming remarks from Clay Studio staff, an introduction to our resident artists who will talk about all the "super silent" auction works and their favorite Potsketch pieces! Plus join us in raising a toast and a closing virtual paddle raise to help raise much needed funds for our studio operations.

Contributing Artists

Potsketches by:

Adrian Arleo, Andrew Avakian, James Bailey, Courtney Blazon, Isobel Buck, Leland Buck, Pamela Caughey, Susan Carlson, Lane Chapman, Terra Chapman, Jennifer Combe, Ellie Duncan, Liz Dye, Theo Ellsworth, Claire Emery, Christina Erives, Donna Flanery, Magdalena Frimkess, Michael Frimkess, Stephanie Frostad, Julia Galloway, Mo Gary, Ron Geibel, Bev Beck Glueckert, Stephen Glueckert, Christine Gronneberg, Emily Hall, Matt Hamon, Candice Haster, James Heath, Trey Hill, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Barb Schwarz Karst, Alex Kraft, Beth Korth, Steve Krutek, Dyna Kuehnle, Ladypajama, Ken Little, Katie Machain, Cathryn Mallory, George McCauley, Jack Metcalf, Ron Meyers, David Miles Lusk, M Scott Miller, Maurilio Milone, Kathleen Herlihy Paoli, Jazmine Penelope, Bob Phinney, Alison Reintjes, Brandon Reintjes, Andrew Rivera, Lauren Sandler, Richard Shaw, David Scott Smith, Gretel Stoudt, Lee Stuurmans, Paris Summers, Monica Thompson, Patricia Thornton, Tim Thornton, Bobby Tilton, Phoebe Toland, Shalene Valenzuela, Patti Warashina, Teresa Garland Warner, Kurt Weiser, Janet Whaley, R David Wilson, Kensuke Yamada, Casey Zablocki

Ceramic Art Auction Works by:

Adrian Arleo, Ben Blackwood, Jon Bonnicksen, Susan Carlson, Lane Chapman, Josh DeWeese, Donna Flanery, Christine Gronneberg, Elisha Harteis, Perry Haas, David Hiltner, Sarah Jaeger, Ben Jordan, Joshua Kuensting, Jayson Lawfer, Steve Young Lee, Beth Lo, Phil Mahn, George McCauley, Courtney Murphy, Richard Notkin, Carla Potter, Andrew Rivera, Richard Smith, Shalene Valenzuela, Cathy Weber, Tara Wilson, Kensuke Yamada, Casey Zablocki

Featured Auction Item: Lithograph & Woodblock Print by Akio Takamori

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