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Kids & Family Programming

Our classes provide a fun and educational environment where children can explore their creative interests in ceramics, focusing on self-expression through handbuilding techniques. Classes for teenagers can include time on the potter's wheel.

Classes for Everybody!

Age ranges are set to allow students to thrive in their peer age group. All classes will cover the basic skills needed for the course, but at a pace set for the age range. Y1 (5-7+) will have slower paced, more hands on instruction, and projects that are simpler to build. Y2 (8-11+) courses cover basics at a quicker pace, and explore thematic, multi-step projects which are more complex, often beyond the capabilities of younger children. Y3 (12-18) classes are reserved for preteens and teens. These classes explore methods that are too difficult or utilize equipment not suited for children at lower growth milestones, such as the potter's wheel. Older children may take classes intended for younger groups if they are interested and feel comfortable with younger peers. Students may only be allowed into an older bracket if they are within 3 months of the minimum age requirement.

Family and Friends Workshops available monthly on sundays for young kids and people of all ages! These workshops are designed for friends or family to take together as a group. A fun and enriching experience which encourages collaboration and bonding between family and friends of all ages. Younger or less experienced students can come along knowing there is a trusted adult there to help them. Everyone gets to create a project, with the support of friends and family around them. Allows space for kids aged 7 and under to work with clay in a safe and supervised way, and an option that is available and accessible for teens or adults who would like to build with clay or get new ideas in the realm of handbuilding. 2 participant minimum in all Clay for All Workshops. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an enrolled, participating adult.

Week-Long Camps available over *Spring Break and Summer Break for ages 5-7+, 8-11+, and 12-18. Camps explore themes and projects in more depth and allow younger students the chance to have independent fun with clay with ample time to learn without frustration. During these times there will be Preteen/Teen classes available which explore the potter's wheel or other methods of making which are not ideal for shorter format courses. Camps allow time for more complete learning and exciting successes with the material.

Youth and Community programming instructors will apply clear glaze to projects where necessary. Please note all works are fired in busy community kilns by a small staff, and progress can be delayed due to slow-drying projects, or high demand for kiln bookings. We will fire projects as quickly as reasonably possible: typically the process takes about a month. Parents will be EMAILED at the provided email address when projects are ready. Add to your contacts to ensure your spam filter doesn't block the bulletin. You can also check pickup status on our studio blog. If you have received no notice after 6 weeks, you can email for information.

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If you see something you are interested in and it is full, please contact us to be added to the wait list!
Please familiarize yourself with our refund and cancellation policy below prior to signing up for a class

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Upcoming Workshops and Camps
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Waivers required for Youth to engage in Clay Studio Youth Classes.
Waivers are valid for the calendar year they are signed, up to January 31 of the next year if updated information is not yet available.

Your student cannot participate if you do not fill out a waiver annually.

Fill out and print the above PDF and turn it in at the studio or email completed to

Anything shared on your child's waiver will only be seen by studio staff. Please share any pertinent information that would help us provide the best learning experience for your child, such as learning differences, allergies, and so on.

Please note: the PDF version of the form must be downloaded and saved, filled, then printed or emailed to studio staff. You can print a copy and mail it to the address in the footer or drop off in person if you prefer pen and paper.

Clay Kits and Tools for Home
Friends and Family Clay Kits, for clay activities and learning in the comfort of your home! Kit includes list of at-home tool alternatives, but tools are also available for sale.
Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Thank you for your interest in our programs! Occasionally people sign up for classes and unexpected situations may arise where taking a class may not work in their schedules. We do have a fair policy in place for cancellations. Please familiarize yourself with our policies before registering in case you do need to make a request to cancel. You can find this information on our Registration & Policies Page

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The Clay Studio of Missoula's youth scholarship program is a need-based program that allows young people access to Clay Studio of Missoula classes and camps for free or reduced price. This program also accommodates collaborations with local organizations working with children with less access to arts education opportunities. This program relies upon ongoing community donations to maintain funds to accommodate scholarship requests. The Clay Studio is happy to report that there has been an upsurge in the use of this program, and we want to ensure we never turn someone away due to hardship.

*Due to scheduling and instructor availability, camps may not be available for all age ranges during spring break. Programming for the different age groups will be offered as often as possible.

If you are interested in birthday parties or private workshops for friends and family, 2+ hour workshops can be booked for 12 people or less, of any age, with a call to the office. Check our "Private Events and Tours" page for more information. Private events must be booked in advance based on workshop type.

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