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Clay Teens
Summer Volunteer Program

A volunteer program for teens age 14 and up to engage with a community ceramic studio, learn how we operate, and be able to make their own ceramics as a perk for their hard work!

What is Clay Teens?

The Clay Studio of Missoula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and the hub of a vibrant community of ceramic artists. Clay Teens is a volunteer program designed to engage teens in the culture and community of ceramics in Missoula. We want to encourage young people to participate in acts of service and be part of a community in a way that is educational and meaningful, but also beneficial to them and their dreams as young artists.


Teens are asked to participate in this summer program of volunteer service for the studio - helping on site and at outreach events by learning about the workings of a community studio and aiding the studio manager and education coordinator in tasks to keep it up, such as helping to unload kilns or helping to teach at the outreach booth. Teens are asked to put in an average of three or more volunteer hours per week as part of the program in order to earn the perks of participation. Participating teens will keep a log of their hours, which can be earned any time the studio is open to the public or a staff member is available to supervise and sign off on their progress.

Teens who participate in this volunteer service are offered a weekly open-instructed studio session wherein they can make their own artwork or pottery without having to pay for materials or firing. This weekly session will have a professional teaching artist as an instructor, who can also demonstrate new techniques to students and help them work toward their visions in ceramics.

Teens accepted into the program will have a weekly check-in meeting prior to their studio session each week. The check-in is WEDNESDAY at 2PM to about 2:30PM. The studio session follows from 2:30PM to 5PM. The first meeting to get teens settled into the program is on June 12, the final meeting will be August 7 for a total of 9 weekly sessions.

Apply for the Clay Teens Program

Interested students can apply for the Clay Teens program by filling out the short application below. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to program coordinator Kelly Seitz. Applications for the 2024 season are due by May 31. Program acceptance will be announced by June 10 at the latest.

Please thoroughly read the terms and conditions below this form before sending.

Thanks for applying! Studio staff will read your application and get back to you

as soon as possible.

Depending on the number of applicants, we may not be able to accept every teen that applies. Please do not take it personally if your application is declined. We encourage you to apply again the next year regardless.

Clay Teens Program - Terms and Conditions



As a member of the Clay Teens program, I will give my best effort in helping with tasks around the Clay Studio of Missoula. I will make an effort to be polite to staff and community members around me, and take the initiative to ask for help or more information when I need it. I will strive to make my weekly hour goal or make up the time during a different week if I cannot.



I understand that there are natural hazards to being a ceramic artist that I must be careful of. When working in the studio I will follow  instructions from the staff or community members carefully for my own safety: including doing things like using sweeping compound, properly wearing an N95 respirator if I work in the mixing room, wearing protective gloves when unloading work from the kiln if it is hot, and handling equipment only as instructed.



I will show up for my volunteer service each week, or let studio staff know as soon as possible if I am unable to. If I commit to helping with an outreach event or other offsite commitment: I will be there on time, or will clearly let staff know I cannot make it at least a day ahead of the event.

If I must quit the program for any reason, I will tell studio staff clearly that is my intent before I stop attending.

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