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Studio Monitoring

Studio monitors are an important volunteer position needed to allow access to open studio time outside of staffed hours. Studio monitors have the chance to work on their own projects while they're in the studio, as long as they fulfill the responsibilities of a monitor as described in the application. Please read the application material carefully before applying. The studio monitor agreement and quick reference booklet can be found in PDF form at the bottom of this page if you would like to read over them.

Please note that this volunteer position is not available to minors. Only legal adults can hold a studio monitor position.

If you would like to apply to be a studio monitor, please fill out the form below (desktop only), or fill it out on google forms via THIS LINK.

For questions or concerns, email volunteer coordinator Kelly Seitz at

Studio Monitor Documents

Below you can find PDF copies of documents you would receive during a studio monitor interview or a training session. Please feel free to read over and download these materials.

Shift Sign-Ups & Calendar
For confirmed monitors only - the link below will lead you to the Planhero page wherein the current session's monitor shifts are available for sign up. Please refrain from using this page if you have not already had your interview and training.
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