The Clay Studio of Missoula offers several studio technician internships for qualified individuals.  Applicants must be self-motivated and have background experience in the field of ceramics. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply at any time during the given year. All positions are filled on an as needed basis. In exchange for five hours per week of service, interns receive access to the community studio space as well as storage area for their work.

Studio Internships

Studio technician interns at the Clay Studio of Missoula can expect to engage in a wide variety of tasks, including (but not limited to):


•Mixing clay and/or glazes

•Creating ceramic test tiles

•General studio maintenance/cleaning (i.e. mopping, dusting)

•Assisting the firing of the wood kiln

•Loading and firing kilns

•Helping children's class instructors

•Aiding preparations for special events/fundraisers


While the Clay Studio of Missoula routinely offers studio technician internship positions, we at times do have internships in the fields grant writing, gallery assistance, fundraising event assistance, and web/graphic design on an as needed basis. Individuals with background experience in any of the fields listed above are encouraged to inquire to studio staff about potentially designing a new internship position.



Studio Internship Application

Wood Fire Internship

Applications due: Friday, August 19 by 5pm

 In exchange for time and labor, interns receive access to the community studio space, storage area for their work, and the opportunity to further develop their wood fire practice in a supportive community studio setting. 

Applicants must be self-motivated and have experience with ceramics, with a particular focus and interest in developing their wood firing skills.


Wood Fire Internship duration is one year, with the option to continue a second year (limit 2 years)


Wood Fire Internship Expectations


  • 4 Hours a week Wood Prep/ Kiln Maintenance/ Kiln pad cleanup

  • Attend 4 out of 10 classes (classes currently held on Tuesday evenings in the Fall, Winter and Spring)). Perform 2 demonstrations per 10-week class session

  • Help make wadding, glazes, and slips for community firings.

  • Lead 7+ shifts at the kiln during the 7-day anagama firing

  • Expected to make a variety of sized works to help fill kiln

  • Attend loading and unloading

  • Expected to have a good attitude and interest in sharing information and educating students

  • Expected to have some woodfire experience


Intern Perks

  • 2 shelves in community studio

  • 24/7 studio access

  • Works together with the Woodfire Resident making and firing

  • Complimentary firings in the wood kiln


Start Date of internship will be no later than Tuesday, September 13 (first Wood Fire Class meeting)


Outreach Internships

Outreach Internships are available seasonally (late Spring-Summer). Outreach interns assist with numerous outreach events and preparations for activities.


Tasks include:

  • Act as an ambassador for the Clay Studio of Missoula at events in the community by distributing promotional materials and leading clay activities.

  • Set-up and take down the Clay Studio Booth at scheduled activities.

  • Help to develop and initiate new ways for the Clay Studio of Missoula to share the fun of clay arts at the festivals and events we participate in each year.

  • Work with the Outreach Coordinator to develop our presence at events aimed at engaging portions of the Missoula community that are currently underrepresented within the Clay Studio of Missoula’s community.

Internship filled for the 2022 season. Applications will open again in March of 2023!


2022 interns Erin Johnson and Maeve Miley at Downtown Tonight! hosting a clay activity that can be fun for children and adults alike!