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  • Do you sell clay?
    Yes, clay is available in two different types (low fire earthenware and high fire stoneware), which are available to members for $20 per bag, and to the general public for $25 per bag.
  • Can I come to the studio any time to work with clay?
    No. The volume of people who use our space is too high to allow casual drop-ins. For those who have knowledge of clay and wish to use our professional-grade equipment for their work, we have an appointment system which can be used to rent day-use of the classroom space. Students actively taking our classes can also make appointments to utilize this time. Day-use rental is not available to the general public. If you want to make a project or experience the potter's wheel, we have one-day workshops several times each month where you can have an experience guided by one of our resident artist instructors.
  • What does a membership do?
    A membership grants you access to rent the studio's private facilities, even if you are not currently enrolled in one of our classes. You need a membership to utilize day-use, rent a shelf, and utilize firing services outside of classes. Membership also unlocks discounts on things like clay. Plus, the Clay Studio of Missoula is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit, and membership helps sustain our operation.
  • Can I have 4 adults on a family membership?
    No, a family membership is intended for two legal guardians and two children up to age 18. We ask that individual adults please hold their own membership to help support the studio.


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