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Have you checked your membership status recently?

Our members are very important to us at the Clay Studio of Missoula. Your yearly membership helps keep the facility running, so we can be a hub for community and accessibility.

If you think your membership may have lapsed, and you'd still like to have it to support the studio and our mission, get discounts on clay and class enrollment, and have access to our equipment, supplies, and services; please email or call the office! We can check your membership status and help you renew over the phone right away if you'd like.

If it's been some time since you've visited the studio and you need a recap of our offerings, we can also schedule you a membership tour to get you back up to speed on everything we have available for members.

We appreciate you and hope you'll continue your membership with us, or get one if you're new to the studio and would like to help support our cause! Thank you for being a part of the Clay Studio of Missoula community!

Clay Studio of Missoula Office:


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