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October Raptor Workshop for Sculptors!

In collaboration with Raptors of the Rockies' Kate Davis, the Clay Studio of Missoula will be holding a raptor sculpting workshop in mid-October!

Live falcons and owls will be visiting the studio to act as models! It will be an opportunity for a up-close look at these incredible birds, a valuable chance to learn about them from an expert falconer, and a chance to learn and experiment with sculpting from life!

Sculpting from life is an excellent way to help sculptors of any level build their skills! Learn how to see major forms in a living creature to be able to stylize their visage in clay. Work from loose to detailed to make lifelike sculptures based on movement and anatomy you can see!

This unique opportunity is scheduled to take place in the Clay Studio of Missoula Classroom early afternoon of October 16, from 11AM - 1PM.

Spend some quality time learning about what makes these birds unique and how they exist in the Montana ecosystem. Elevated workshop cost benefits Raptors of the Rockies!

Tickets are $80 for nonmembers, $75 for members!

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