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Pick-Up Bulletin 6/30/22

As of today, the following works are available for pick-up:

  • B3* - March Beginning Workshop

  • Y3 - Hooray For Clay Camp

  • D4 - April Date Night, 4/8

  • H4 - Missoula Outing Club Series

  • D4I - April Date Night, 4/22

  • B4 - April Beginning Workshop, 4/29

  • F6 - June Family Workshop, Mini Gardens 6/5

Other works are being processed to be available soon! Check your inbox for a pick-up email. Finding pieces is much easier if you can provide the date and type of workshop taken; pull up your receipt email from the purchase of your seats in the class to help us find your works if you do not know the specific date and/or type!

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