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Pick-Up Bulletin 8/2/22

The fired works available for pick-up in the classroom this week are as follows:

  • *B3 - March Beginning Workshop, Late Fire

  • H4 - Missoula Outing Club, Homeschool Workshop Series

  • D4 - Pottery Date Night 4/8

  • D4I - Pottery Date Night 4/22

  • F4 - April Family Workshop 4/10

  • W5 - Community Workshop, Stunning Sgraffito

  • B5 - Beginning Pottery Workshop 5/27

  • D5 - May Pottery Date Night

  • B6 - Beginning Pottery Workshop 6/17

  • D6 - Pottery Date Night 6/10

  • P6 - Private Birthday Party

  • T6 - Teen Wheel Throwing Camp

  • Y6 - Ancient Clay Camp

  • W6 - Fabulous Fruit Bowls Community Workshop 6/12/22

  • Y7 - Adapted Animal Creations Camp

(Note, many kids camp works are put through a once-fire process, and can sometimes be available quicker than their adult workshop counterparts. Works can take longer to dry if they are large, thick, or during humid and/or cold weather, which can effect firing time.)

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