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Pick-Up Bulletin, September 6, 2022

The following works have been fired, and are available for pickup during public open hours.

  • W5 - May Community Workshop, Stunning Sgraffito

  • D5 - May Pottery Date Night

  • Y6 - Ancient Clay Camp 6/20 - 6/24

  • B6 - Beginning Workshop 6/17

  • W6 - June Community Workshop - Fruit Bowls

  • T6 - Teen Throwing Camp

  • D6 - June Pottery Date Night

  • July Wheel Workshops to be Glaze Fired Soon, delayed due to events at the studio.

  • Y7 - Adapted Animals Camp

  • Y8 - Make Like a Master! Camp

  • T8 - Teen Pottery By Hand Camp

  • K8 - Fantastic Animals Camp

*Note, camp works regularly require only a single firing, which reduces turnaround time. Wheel workshop pieces must be fired, glazed when instructor and classroom are available, then fired a second time, which slows returns.

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