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Upcoming Workshops

Collaborative planters that everyone in the family can get their hands into! Make them for some special plants you want to grow together indoors or out!


This month's workshop is all about hand building fun and functional fruit bowls by using a handy DIY drape mold method.


Pottery Date Nights June 10 & 24 | 6PM-8PM

Need a dirty idea for your next date night? Come get muddy at the Clay Studio of Missoula with our Pottery Date Night specials!


Are you curious about trying out the potter’s wheel? This one-day workshop gives you an introduction to centering clay and throwing a basic cylindrical form.


It's time to capture some fun memories in clay! Families will collaborate on a diorama showing off favorite summer activities!


Youth Summer Camp Reminder Do you have a creative child who would enjoy a week of fun working with clay? Check out our great summer camp options! Young artists can learn clay techniques while exploring fun topics like animals and art history! Enrollment is still open! See What's Available Here!

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