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Youth Summer Camps!


Opening for enrollment
in March!

Every year, the Clay Studio of Missoula offers a number of summer camps for youth in the age brackets Y1 (5-7+), Y2 (8-12+), and Y3 (12-18). These brackets help provide the best learning experience for youth by pairing them with others who will learn and create at similar pace, so instruction can be targeted appropriately. If older students are comfortable working alongside younger children, they are welcome to join younger age brackets. Students may not join an older bracket unless they are within 3 months of the minimum age requirement.

Camps run based on enrollment, which is limited! Please do not delay if you would like to sign up your child! If camps are cancelled due to low enrollment, or other circumstances on our part, a full refund will be issued.

For registration and cancellation policies, see HERE.


Camp Descriptions

Y1 Camps, for ages 5-7+ will explore fun and exciting subjects, with projects that are easily accessible by young people still developing fine motor skills.


Come sculpt parts of the amazing living world! Especially animals, but also things like plants, insects, and fungi! This class includes a special visit with the exotics at Animal Wonders Inc!

1PM - 3PM, June 12 – 16


1PM - 3PM, July 31 - August 4

$180 per Student


Art History Through Clay!

Look at historical and modern-age artists of all kinds, and make clay works inspired by art both weird and wonderful!

10AM - 12PM, July 24 - 28
$160 per Student

Y2 camps for ages 8-12+ will still go over clay basics, so no prerequisite skills are required, but learning will move at a faster pace for older students, and classes may explore more complex projects!


Clay Science!

Explore science through clay! There are many ways art and science overlap. In this class we'll explore the science of rocks, learn about ancient relics and fossils, learn about the chemistry of clay, create 3D environment sculptures, and more!

10AM - 12PM, June 26 - 30
$160 per Student


Fantastic Beasts!

A clay camp for lovers of sci-fi and fantasy! Learn handbuilding skills to create beasts of fiction from clay! Robots, animals, monsters, and more to delight the imagination!

10AM - 12PM, July 10 - 14
$160 per Student


Vibrant Vessels!

For young students interested in making pottery! Learn to use handbuilding methods like slab, pinch, and coil to make a variety of vessels like covered jars, plant pots, mugs and more!
(Please note, the pottery wheel will not be used in this class.)

10AM - 12PM, August 14 - 18
$160 per Student

Y3 Camps approach subjects and skills too complex for younger students. Foundational skills will be reviewed for accessibility, then teens will explore the world of ceramics in challenging and interesting ways!


Character Creation Studio

Learn about sculpting people, and create a character bust in the likeness of a fictional character creation! Figure specialist Matthew O'Reilly will help students tackle some tricky aspects of sculpting figures like proportions and facial features!

10AM - 12PM, June 19 - 23

$160 per Student


Teen Wheel Throwing

The basics of wheel pottery in a week-long format! Learn to create forms like mugs, tumblers, and bowls, and possibly beyond, depending on student skill level! A unique experience with a traditional method that can be an unforgettable experience!

10AM - 12PM, July 17 - 21


10AM - 12PM, August 7 - 11

$175 per Student

Camps Available

When camps open for enrollment, you'll find them here, or on the "Youth and Family Programming" Page

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

Additional Information


All participants must have a waiver on file or in-hand on the first day of class in order to participate. Waivers are valid for the calendar year they are signed, and must be updated each year starting after January 31.

Waivers can be accessed via web form or downloadable PDF below. If you cannot access these online versions, or need a copy emailed or physically mailed to you, please call the office to request one or email Kelly at


At the Clay Studio of Missoula, we do everything we can to provide opportunities for kids to get their hands in clay. If financial means present a barrier, there are scholarships available for students under 18 to participate in youth programming, available by application.

If you are interested in a scholarship, email Education and Outreach Coordinator Kelly Seitz at to be sent an application form.

We ask that scholarships please be turned in by at least two weeks before the class/camp in question is set to run if possible. Last minute submissions are not guaranteed to be processed in time.

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