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Every year, the Clay Studio of Missoula offers a number of summer camps for youth in the age brackets Y1 (5-7+), Y2 (8-12+), and Y3 (12-18). These brackets help provide the best learning experience for youth by pairing them with others who will learn and create at similar pace, so instruction can be targeted appropriately. If older students are comfortable working alongside younger children, they are welcome to join younger age brackets. Students may not join an older bracket unless they are within 3 months of the minimum age requirement.

Camps run based on enrollment, which is limited! Please do not delay if you would like to sign up your child! If camps are cancelled due to low enrollment, or other circumstances on our part, a full refund will be issued.

For registration and cancellation policies, see HERE.

Youth Summer Camps!


Opening for enrollment
March 20 at noon!


Camp Descriptions

Y1 Camps, for ages 5-7+ will explore fun and exciting subjects, with projects that are easily accessible by young people still developing fine motor skills.


Come sculpt parts of the amazing living world! Especially animals, but also things like plants, insects, and fungi! This class includes a special visit with the exotics at Animal Wonders Inc!

1PM - 3PM, June 12 – 16


1PM - 3PM, July 31 - August 4

$180 per Student


Art History Through Clay!

Look at historical and modern-age artists of all kinds, and make clay works inspired by art both weird and wonderful!

10AM - 12PM, July 24 - 28
$160 per Student