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Pick-Up Bulletin 5/20/22

Many of our recent pick-up emails have not made it to the target recipients due to changes in many email hosts' filtering process. In order to help more people know when their work can be picked up, a list of what's available by class code will be posted each MONDAY from now on.

Knowing your class will be important to identifying when your work is ready. This guide will accompany all future lists. To match your class to it's code, you can look at your emailed receipt, and see what type of class you took, and what month it was in. When the time is available to do so, I will also list class names along with their codes in these posts.

Due to storage limitations, pieces are only stored for 3 months after the class month, unless special arrangements are in order (marked with an *). Once a class has been discarded, it's code will be removed from the list.

Ready or Available This Week (5/20/22)

1 & 2 codes will be discarded at the end of this month!

  • F1 - *January Family Workshop

  • D1 - *January Date Nights

  • B1 - *January Beginning Workshop

  • F2 - February Family Workshop

  • G2 - Ghost Date Night

  • W2 - Community Workshop: Yunomi

  • D2 - February Date Night

  • Y2 - *Youth Dreamhouse Workshop

  • W3 - Community Workshop: Textural Exploration

  • F3 - March Family Workshop

  • Y3 - Hooray for Clay! Spring Break Camp

  • F4 - April Family Workshop

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