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Pick-Up Bulletin 5/31

Note: this is the last week of Spring Session. This leads to kilns being much more cramped than usual. Firing will be slowed down for the next few weeks, but pieces are being moved through as quickly as possible.

Ready or Available This Week (5/31/22)

1 & 2 Codes Will Be Discarded on Friday

  • F1 - *January Family Workshop

  • D1 - *January Date Nights

  • B1 - *January Beginning Workshop

  • F2 - February Family Workshop

  • G2 - Ghost Date Night

  • W2 - Community Workshop: Yunomi

  • D2 - February Date Night

  • Y2 - *Youth Dreamhouse Workshop

  • W3 - Community Workshop: Textural Exploration

  • F3 - March Family Workshop

  • Y3 - Hooray for Clay! Spring Break Camp

  • F4 - April Family Workshop

In the Kiln/Ready Soon:

  • April Date Nights D4/D4I

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