Studio Time Sign-Up

Members and Current Students can Sign Up for Classroom Access to pick up and drop off work or to spend time on projects or glazing.

Classroom Booking

All of our community members wishing to access studio services who are not currently enrolled in a class must possess a current Clay Studio of Missoula annual membership. Find out more about membership here.

All day use access bookings can be made online through our Plan Hero Sign-Up page.

Day Use Access for Members

$15 per day for daytime access. Day use access is limited to weekday office hours and Saturday afternoons.  The $15 fee accommodates one appointment.  Appointment duration can vary from 1 hour up to 5 hours, depending on classroom availability on your date of choice and your studio needs.  Day use applies to members who want to come and use the wheels and space to create work in in classroom area, mix glazes, utilize our clay mixer, spray booth, or photo area.

Day use does not include space to store supplies and work. Members may book an appointment online or contact staff to schedule in advance and are limited to when the classroom is available.  


Pick up and Drop Offs do not require the day use fee!

New members will need to schedule a studio orientation and tour before accessing the facility.  Orientation appointments are available now.

Day Use Access for Students

Access to the classroom space can be booked by students who wish to finish or glaze work produced during a Clay Studio of Missoula Class.  Students must book an appointment on the Plan Hero Sign-Up page and are limited to when the classroom is available.  No additional fees are required for current student classroom day-use appointments.


Students currently enrolled in a Clay Studio of Missoula class may sign up for studio access appointments with no limit on number of sessions. No additional fee is required for former students who have completed a class within the last two weeks.  Students can book classroom access sessions once their class is complete to glaze projects started during CSoM classes or workshops.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

No appointment needed for drop-off or pick-up visits.  Please enter through the gallery door during business hours to do any of the following:  

  • drop-off of bisque ware by members or students

  • pick-up of bisque ware or glazed items by members or students

  • clay or supplies pick-up

  • pick-up of gallery purchases

  • Family Clay Kit drop-off or pick-up

Protocol for Studio Use:

  •  Please wear a mask at all times while inside The Clay Studio of Missoula.

  •  Please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water upon arrival at The Clay Studio of Missoula.  If signed up for a long-form appointment, continue a regimen of frequent handwashing for the duration of your appointment.

  • Please maintain a 6-foot distance or more from any other person using the space.

  • Please stay in the classroom during your appointment.  If you need to make a payment via deposit box, please utilize the new classroom deposit box located to the left of the clay locker.

  • Only ONE person is allowed at a time in the glazing area.  Please be patient, or request to use a glaze bucket in another area if it cannot wait.

  • Only ONE person is allowed in the kiln room at one time.  It is narrow and difficult to maintain proper distancing while in this space.  Please wait your turn.  This goes for kiln loading/unloading as well as work pick-up and drop-off.  *please consult staff about where to place work if you are dropping-off work and cannot access the kiln room.  We will be happy to place it in the correct spot when the room is free. If you need to pick up bisque or glazed work and someone is in the kiln room, please communicate about possibly taking a quick turn to grab your item(s)*

  •  Please keep your space clean.  When you are finished working, be sure to sanitize your work area.  Cleaning materials are provided in the classroom for disinfection.

  • Please note:  All other protocols outlined in our Studio Policy Handbook still apply.  Please consult your student policy or general studio policy for reference.  Link to Handbook Online:  Students | General

  • If you are a NEW MEMBER and wish to utilize the studio, please set up an orientation appointment ahead of signing out a studio use appointment.  Email Jazmine at to request an orientation.  These usually take 30-45 minutes.  Orientation appointments are available starting June 15th.                                       Please Note:  We are not currently offering trainings on our kiln use protocols.  New members will need to take advantage of studio firings at this time and will not be approved for kiln rentals for the time being, even if you have prior experience.  In the future, kiln orientations will be scheduled with Studio Mananger, Donna Flanery.  Please reach out to her to express interest in future trainings,

  •  If you have any questions or concerns, or we are low on glaze or other materials, be sure to either let the staff person on-site know, or send an email to  

Code of Conduct

It is important to us at The Clay Studio of Missoula to provide a safe working environment for all our students and members. Please review our Code of Conduct, and report any unsafe situation to a staff member. We reserve the right to refuse service and access to anyone who is in violation of our Code of Conduct. 

Sign Up for your Classroom Session or Appointment

You will be redirected to our new online sign-up system by following the button below!


From the Plan Hero page, select your preferred appointment time(s).  You may select one or more 1-hour blocks each day.  You will be asked to put in your contact information for staff reference.

For next-day booking, please be sure to make your appointment before 5pm the day before you plan to visit.


Thank you!