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The Clay Teens Program

A volunteer program for teens age 14 and up to learn what it is like to work within a community ceramic studio, earning free access to a weekly open-studio style class for their service.

What is Clay Teens?

The Clay Studio of Missoula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and the hub of a vibrant community of ceramic artists. Clay teens is a volunteer program designed to engage teens in the culture and community of ceramics in Missoula. We want to encourage young people to participate in acts of service and participate in community in a way that is educational and meaningful, but also beneficial to them and their dreams as young artists.


Teens are asked to participate in volunteer service for the studio - helping on site by learning about the workings of a community studio and aiding the studio manager and education coordinator in tasks to keep it up. Teens are asked to put in an average of three or more volunteer hours per week to qualify for the benefits of the program.

To make their service even more worthwhile, a perk of the Clay Teens program is free access to Clay Teens Studio for weekly sessions. This is an open-studio style studio art course where teens will be able to utilize provided materials and firings to create according to their own vision, with the aide of a professional ceramic artist who will give individual help, and perform demos to help them learn techniques from building all the way to taking photos of 3D art when they are finished. The goal is for each student to make one or more pieces to be part of a pop-up art show in the Clay Studio garden during September First Friday.

Clay teens is perfect for an artistic teen who wants to explore clay to grow their own artistic potential.

Apply for the Clay Teens Program

Interested students can apply for the Clay Teens program by filling out the short application below.

Please thoroughly read the terms and conditions under this form.

Thanks for applying! Studio staff will read your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

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