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Animal Totems

Each individual project bag contains: dry clay, instruction booklet


Project Description:

Moisten your dry, Missoula clay. When the clay starts to stick together and clump, squish and kneed it until it turns into something you can model with. Think of your favorite animal and make it out of your special Missoula clay. Where do you think your animal would most like to live? Find an environment in your yard or park. Set your animal friend free! When it dries, it will melt back into the earth where it came from and your animal friend will become part of its favorite environment.


About Classroom Clay Project Boxes:

Simple, individually packaged clay projects that are meant to remain unfired.

These project boxes are great for classrooms, daycares, summer camps, and even parties!

The projects are designed to be accessible to all experience levels and all ages.


Each box contains 24 individual project kits.


Classroom Clay Project Box: Animal Totems

  • Please order your Classroom Clay Project Box one week ahead of pick-up. Schedule your pick-up appointment close to when you plan to use your project box- even though the clay is in plastic baggies, it does dry out over time. It’s best fresh!

    Once you have made your order, please schedule a time to pick up your supplies during gallery hours, M-F 12-5pm.  

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